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Can you believe it!


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An article online talking about "Dancing With the Stars" included this:

another week on the Crazy Cloris party bus!

Patti, I'd sue if I were you. I believe it's close enough in wording to be stealing your Keg Bus idea. What do you think?

Judy in Key West

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Good morning everyone. It isn't often that I am on the computer so early. Guess I'm not the only late riser.

I guess the party/crazy/keg bus idea isn't as unique as we thought. I'll bet we have the only virtual bus, though. :lol:

Last night in the chat room we wondered if either of the candidates (McCain or Obama - note that I listed them in alphabetical order) would be wearing a pink ribbon during the debate. I'm happy to report that I didn't see any pink ribbons, anyplace in the room. Nothing wrong with pink ribbons, but it's kinda overdone.

Hope everyone has a good day.


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Well, I AM going to sue!!!! They probably saw all the fun we were having going 100+ MPH with Denise and Jayla hanging onto the side and Muriel with her head against the window screaming HELP and thought that was the funnest thing they ever saw!!!!

Just got back from my scan and MRI..............hope tomorrow comes soon!!!!!

Later - Patti

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