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increased lymph nodes and recurrence of brain met


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Hi! worried about recent scan results. father just finished 6 cycles carbo/taxol. new scans show decrease in primary lung tumor, but increase in size of lymph nodes and recurrence of a small brain met. had had previous whole brain radiation about 5 months ago (for 3 brain mets) and an mri 3 months ago showed complete resolution at the time.

feel that the small brain met can be treated hopefully with stereotactic radiation, but still worry about the increase lymphadenopathy (nodes). no other evidence of metastatic disease.

hoping to hear any success stories of second line agents that despite initial growth of lymph nodes from first line, decreased with second line chemo. also do they tend to hold on chemo during the stereotactic radiation for the single brain met.

he has incidently been feeling better physically. breathing is great, appeptite good, enjoyng food again.


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