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New Grandson!


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Hi everyone,

Today is happy day -- my step-daughter Gemma gave birth to a new baby boy! I KNOW that Bill sees it, but how I wish he were here to be part of it all. He'd be so proud! She's had the worst pregnancy -- ill the entire time. She's such a trooper, just like her dad.

It's so strange how life moves on. Gemma with her new baby boy. Annabelle, our granddaughter, going to school. And Michael, my step-son, has had a year of excitement embarking on a new career as an air traffic controller. He's got the inside scoop at everything going on behind the scenes at Heathrow Airport and is doing all these exciting things, and Bill would have just loved to hear about it all! The older Michael gets, the more I see his dad in him. They're like twins in so many ways! And above all that, he's dating a girl from Manchester (Bill's home town). Bill would have loved that!

And now a new baby grandson. Wow.

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It truly is a wonderfully GOOD DAY!!! Congratulations Grandma-ma, I'm guessing Bill is wrapping his arms and heart around all of you today and everyday. I too wish he was with you all to share in your wonderful joy. We know he is here is spirit, we just wish we/you could see his face and hear his voice. ((((TERI)))))

Love & Great Happiness to You All,


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