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LC from a Survivior/Patient's Perspective


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Good morning everyone. I am one of those people who always says "If you can't find anyone else to do it, then I will". Famous last words hey.

Anyhow, I have now volunteered to do the opening welcome and presentation at our 2nd Lung Cancer Awareness Day in November. I said if I was going to present it was going to be from a patient/survivor's perspective and that it was going to be a very positive message. No doom and gloom. It will be in front of patients and family members and , many docs and nurses and other professionals at the clinic. The docs will include med oncs, thoracic surgeons, respiralogists, etc. There will probably be up to 150 people there and I see this as an excellent opportunity to get some messaging from lc patients out to our local care providers in a very public way.

I certainly have some thoughts on what I would like to say, and trust me I have given lots of diplomatic feedback as well as kudos and thanks along my journey. But I would love to hear from my fellow survivors and caregivers.

If you had a chance to talk to a group such of this, what would be some of the key messages you would want our care providers to hear? What would you want to tell them about how they can best care for us?

thanks for your help


ps I will save my speaking notes and share with whomever else is interested.

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See my story below. I think now after having had lung cancer I appreciate life more than ever, I have more first hand knowledge of what it is like for people when they are told they have cancer ( helps as I am a nurse) I hope it has made me a stronger and better person.

Donna G

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