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Good News/Bad News

Patti B

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Well - here it is.

The brain MRI is OK - I have no brain met!!! Yeah!!!

But - altho the tumors in my lungs have not increased in size, there is increased activity in my lymph nodes AGAIN. The progression that I had in August was in my lymph nodes and now there is more. The doc was calling me from his cell phone from in his car and said that all he was able to access on his PDA (he was away from the Clinic today) was the written report from the radiologist. He wants to personally compare the August scan with this one and take measurements and will do that when he returns to work Monday morning. I have an appointment with him then.

He told me to continue taking the Tarceva until Monday and then we will decide if I stay on it or not........What???? Has anyone ever heard of staying on Tarceva if the first scan showed some progression??? I have only been on it for 7 weeks and I swear I read somewhere that sometimes it takes 3 months to show any decrease in the cancer but of course now that I look for that article I cannot find it.

I fricking hate cancer......I really do!!!!!!!!

HUgs - Patti B.

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Has anyone ever heard of staying on Tarceva if the first scan showed some progression???

Patti, I think it would depend to some extent on what the remaining treatment options are. If everything else is stable or improved, it might be reasonable to stay on Tarceva and rescan in a couple of months. Aren't there things other than cancer that can cause lymph nodes to become larger?



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Ok, first of all we have some good news to celebrate.. right? No brain mets is enough for a celebration. As for the rest, it seems that you are on hold until Monday when your doctor can see for himself about the rest. I think you need measurements, numbers, radiologists impressions etc. before you can decide what next. As for the timeline, I don't know , but IF there is progression, I would be open to options. Maybe you could ask Dr. West for his opinion. Hang in there girlfriend. It doesn't sound that bad from where I sit. Wish I could come there and REALLY sit with you...

Lots of Hugs,


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Patti, I'm with Sue. We're not exactly in the bad news camp yet. But I do get your frustration. It's the waiting. It makes us nuts but don't crawl into bed and pull the covers over your head unless you can sleep. Distraction helps make the time go by better if you're awake.

Hanging in with you girl.

Judy in Key West

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Hi Patti,

I'm glad there are no brain mets :) As far as staying on the Tarceva, I know that one of the times that my dad was scanned while on it they did say there was maybe some slight progression and they had him stay on it a little while longer so that they could re-check and see if it was staying stable. Now, I don't know if that helps or not but that was our experience. Hang in there! I hate cancer too!!


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Hey there Patti. I am sorry it wasn't all good news. And even sorrier that you have to wait until Monday to discuss next steps. Don't they get that we just hate the waiting!!!! That for sure is something I am going to add to my lc from a survivor's perspective speech...don't make us wait!!! We hate it.

I am choosing to remain hopeful until Monday as the written report does often not tell the real story. And even if there is growth, maybe you can still stay on Tarceva and if not, you know that there are other options if need be. It does suck big time to get any not good news.

Cancer sucks for damn sure. Hang in there girlfriend...this too shall pass.

Thinking of you


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Patti dear.....let's wait till Monday and see what your doctor say's...may not be as bad as you think....no brain mets is a good start for the report....and I hate this fricking disease to and I could speak plainer than that....grrrrrrrrrrrrr


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Patti--the good news is that they scanned your head and there was nothing there!

No wait, that didn't come out quite right. . . :wink:

That's pretty good news and as for the rest. . . it will be what it will be (and I'm personally thinking it will be ok) so let's concentrate on the good news and have a drink to celebrate!

I'll be waiting to hear the rest of the good new on Monday,


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