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Taking a break


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Hi Meeshy. I have only just started on Tarceva...and I already feel like I need a break!!! I think there are others here that have stopped for a bit to lessen side effects and then have gotten back on it. I am holding on for the moment and hopefully things will settle down for me. What symptoms are you experiencing that make you ask about a break?


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Meeshy - My mom took several week-two week breaks with no progression. I think it just really depends on the person.

Is she still on 150 mgs? A lot of people have dropped down to 100 mgs for long periods of time with good results (and much less severe symptoms).

If she is down to 100 mgs and still having severe side effects, it might be worth talking to the onc about a break. Anecdotally, when my mom went off Tarceva entirley (because of some moderate progression) there wasn't a whole lot of progression before she started her third-line treatment. I think she was on no treatments whatsoever for 5-6 weeks. Again, YMMV.

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