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An update

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Hi everybody :D

I wasn't sure if I should post in here, or in test time/updates. I decided on here, because I don't have a test result to share, really..

I too have a good news/bad news situation.

THE GOOD NEWS!! Mom is finished her radiation (finished at the end of September). She did have some pretty severe pain in her chest/esophagus for several weeks. She was only able to eat soft, mushy, white things...drove her NUTS! All she wanted was REAL food! She lost four pounds.

BUT now, she is feeling FANTASTIC! She says she feels better than she has in a year or more :D:lol::P She is eating like a horse, and loving every second of it! She goes back to Victoria in November for a scan to find out how well the radiation has worked. All in all, we are ecstatic, and loving every minute!

THE BAD NEWS- Yesterday Mom got a call from her closest sister. The one who has been coming over to help through all of this. She also hasn't felt well, and has been having some testing done. They finally decided to do a chest/abdomen CT because of some pain she's been having in her rib area. Well the results are in. She has a 4.7x5.5 tumor in HER lower right lung, AND enlarged lymph nodes.The CT report suspects something called Bronchogenic Carcinoma? There are also nodules throughout the entire right lung which may or may not represent metastatic disease.....God help us...she is taking it much worse than Mom ever did, but this is just unbelievable to me that two sisters can both get LC at the same time. It looks as though Aggie's cancer has probably been there longer than Mom's, and it, to me, sounds much worse. It also terrifies me, for my own future. I REALLY need to stop smoking...

Overall, I am thrilled for my own family and my Mama, but also bewildered and worried about my whole (maternal side) family, and how they are going to deal with this new turn of events.

Love and prayers for everyone,



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hey there Linda.

I am so glad to hear that your mom got through the radiation okay and is feeling so good. I am praying for the best when she does get her next CT scan done.

Unbelievable that your aunt would be diagnosed with LC at the same time. That is a lot to take for one family. Has the referral to the clinic happened already? I hope so and I hope they get a treatment plan in place fast. Please remember, no matter how bad it looks or seems there is always hope. Please tell your aunt of the survivor stories here.

And yes, I would be scared too if I were you. I know I have seen other cases here with a history of LC in the family which makes one think there must be a genetic factor in getting it. (although there was zero history in my family and lots of smokers!) Don't feel bad about the smoking. Many of here knew for many many years that we should have quit too and didn't until later. It is just so darn hard to quit. I hope you find the resolve to give it a try. And I am sure you probably know it usually takes more than one kick at it to be successful. Here is a bc website that you might find of help...quitnow.ca. You might also want to consider asking your doc for an x-ray.

Take care


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Thanks Sandra, I'm so happy about my Mummy :)

I don't think Aggie has had a referral to the clinic yet, but I'm sure she will very soon. She lives in Langley, so would be going to the Vancouver one.

She's coming over on Sunday for TG dinner and a visit, so I'm going to share/encourage at that time! I think she will be willing to do what the doctors tell her to. She's been after Mom to follow the protocol since day one last March.

The smoking thing is awful! When you told me to see my doc about an x-ray...it made my stomach do an absolute flip/flop/heave!!! That scares me sooo much! It sent me into immediate denial type thinking! "I'm only 30"...you know the drill!

Maybe I should go and see him (my doctor), my Dad died of a massive heart attack at 44, and now this with my Mom and Aunt. I'm a smoker, and also very overweight...so I'm feeling very....how to put this into words that don't offend anyone....nervous.

Why is it so hard to make the changes we need to make, even when the universe is giving you very clear signs??

I don't want to make this post about me at ALL...but it is really hard not to think of myself because I'm so high risk...I feel very stupid.

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Linda, your reaction is totally normal. Ask many of us why we delayed going to the doctor in the first place when we knew something was wrong. We were scared spitless. At least I know I was. It may or may not be easier for you now to do something proactive about detecting it early if it is there. I would think it might be a bit easier, but still very scary, because you know so much about lung cancer because of your mom. No need to feel stupid silly...you are just normal and human like the rest of us. I didn't mean to scare you.

There is also a clinical trial (not sure if it is still open) that I have referred a few of my smoking friends to. I am not sure if any of them are participating as I think it would have been very scary to do so. So I haven't bugged them about it. They were looking for people who had not been diagnosed with lc, and who smoked for a number (like over 20?) years. And it was about trying to find some predictive measure through spit (sputum) to detect it earlier. Participants had to to through an x-ray and I think a bronch as well...so would have found it if anything showed up through those tests. Anyhow, very scary as well to participate in something like this, and they were having major trouble recruiting participants, but if you are interested let me know and I can find out more.

There I go scaring you again. Honestly, I think blood family members are going to play a large part in research to help us find out how to detect this thing early. Others not as close to it would be even more scared.

Well enough of that blah blah blah Linda!!! I wish you and your family a very happy thankgiving weekend. Hard not to think about the lc thing, but hopefully for just a brief period that can happen and you can celebrate the joy of being together.

your fellow "island" girl


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Linda I am glad your mom is doing well and I hope your aunt does as well as your mom. At least the 3 of you together should be able too support one another a lot.

I must have tried to quit smoking 10 times or more before i finally did on my 40th birthday in 1984. I think turning 40 was what helped me make up my mind to quit.

Don M

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