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WOW!!!! Just read it Katie. You are featured as well as Jamie. She needs to let us all know all the good stuff she's been doing. I'd love to know how she got those things going. Nice to see Heather's pic as well. You must be SO proud of your 'babies' doing such good, Katie! Kuddos to all! Sure wish we could do the Chicago thing. I would love to see you honored.



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Thanks Kasey,

Although I'm not actually featured- I have a column every newsletter representing LCSC so you'll see me in the bottom left corner on every newsletter.

And yes, congratulations to Jamie on being the feature survivor for this edition!

***If you guys look in the LC Survivors forum, I had asked survivors to submit their stories to be featured. Every newsletter will have a survivor featured. If you want your story to be featured, find that post with the questionaire and PM me and I will submit you!!

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Thanks friends!!

I am honored to be the featured survivor. Hey Kasey!! I will tell you how it all happened but you and Fred will need to come to Walls Ms. and visit!! lol

xoxo I miss ya!!

I will be posting soon about the Bowlathon as well as the LIVEstrong Symphony of Hope. We almost have the group together. This is going to be so exciting. The premiere performance will be March 7th at the 4th Annual Playing for a Cure!!!

Everyone Mark your calendars and come on down to the South.

God Bless!!


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