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I don't know how you guys do this...UPDATE with results


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My husband's scans were last Thursday and we are meeting with the oncologist tomorrow. I am litteraly shaking and my stomach is in knots. I already left a message with the cancer center to see if they could give us the results today- otherwise I won't be sleeping tonight. I just want to know if the chemo is working!!!!

This is the first scan after starting chemo, does it get any easier from here?!?!?!?!

UPDATE: Houston we have shrinkage! The main lung tumor went from 2cm to 1.7cm and other lung nodules went from 10mm to 7mm. Bone mets are stable except one that was documented as "developing" on PET a couple months ago did not show up on scan at all.

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In a word, no. I now have scans yearly, and I STILL have sleepless nights between the scan and the appointment with the oncologist to review results.

My previous primary care physcian would call me within three days of the test if I copied her on the order, but she has moved on.

Try not to think about it, stay busy.

Good luck!


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Hi Christina. Unfortuntately it hasn't gotten any easier for me either. The waiting period is simply horrible. The only thing you can do is try and find something that distracts you...sleeping is difficult. Take care and I am praying for good results for your husband.


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The waiting is the hardest part.. But heariung the good news is the easy part!! Think positive adn sending prayers adn positive thoughts for good news!!!! I know how hard it is though!!

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Hi Christina,

It does not get easier (I'm trying to correct this), for me the anxiety is worse with every subsequent scan. I am fortunate though that I receive the results within 24 hours of taking the scan, but I start getting worked up about a week before the scan. Try to stay positive.


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Like the other's have said and it's no use telling you different....It really is alway's anxiety when it comes to scan time and the worst part is the waiting....Like Snowflake...I tell the receptionist to also send the report to my GP and he call's me with 2 or 3 day's and I already know the results before I have my appointment..

Just think postive and try to stay busy...Praying for good results...


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It NEVER gets better. After I get my scan results, I am OK for a couple of weeks and then slowly start to get worked up in anticipation of the next one. Am usually a raving maniac by the time its scan day!!!

Saw your update - SO glad your husband had shrinkage!!!!! (Who would think you'd be happy for that LOL). Give him a hug and tell him to keep up the good work!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Scananxiety they call it here. It never really stops. If you get a couple of good ones you start to expect them and then get scared they'll go bad because they've been good for too long. You can't win.

Big news here is your UPDATE. Congratulations to you and your husband. Hope you get many more positive results. And don't mind Patti, she's chronically naughty.

Judy in Key West

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