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Dean is finally home from the hospital


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Dean is home, finally...after 7 days in the hospital!

The doctor is switching his chemo to smaller doses weekly to hopefully prevent his bottoming out again in blood counts. PLUS..they will be doing daily (Monday through Friday) radiation treatments to his chest area as he put it getting more aggressive with treatments. The original tumor shrank 30% on the first ct and the lymph nodes had shrank some but not as much. The tumor from 'xrays' shows to be stable now, not growing but not shrinking that he could tell from xrays) plus the lymph nodes are not shrinking and are still extensive over the chest wall. He said that there would be alot of complications from the radiation...sore/burned esophagus (which will mean eating lots of malts/shakes and smoothies)...weakness..etc. He will get the radiation daily...plus chemo on Mondays.

Not sure how I will work all this out with work, but hopefully God will show us a way....

I am so glad that he is home...and so is he! We are spending a quiet weekend at home watching Christmas movies and holding each other!


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Glad to hear Dean is home. Sounds like a peaceful and relaxing weekend. The radiation is not as bad as some doctors say. They have a tendancy to exagerate a little. My doc did the same thing and my treatments were a breeze. Dean will sail through the treatments. Chemo is worse that the rad from my experience and even the chemo wasn't bad. Prayers for both of you...

God Bless :):):)


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