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B12 Shots


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Just curious as to know how everyone feels about getting B12 shots throughout chemo? My mom just wonders why she can't them for energy and the Doc says no we don't just give them out unless you have a proven deficiency. She feels she just wants it to fight fatigue. Anyone else know of the B12 shots?


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Things seem a little slow on the boards today and I can't help with the B12 question. Hopefully someone who can will come in soon and share what they know. Just tell you mom I totally understand how she feel though, the fatigue has often been the worst of it for me. Some of us just DO NOT like to be slowed down.

Judy in Key West

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When I was on Alimta, I had to get a Vitamin B12 shot every third cycle. If it was supposed to help with fatigue, then they either didn;t work or I would have been a LOT worse.

I wonder if the doc is reluctant because it might interfere with whatever chemo she is on?? Just a thought.

Good luck - Patti

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