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The drug has been approved for clinical trial in the United States, but its possible use there is at least two to three years away, Gonzalez said.

Tuesday June 24th Havanna Journal

I can however find nothing around to indicate that this is correct from the US state of things. The next country that is doing a trial is Peru I believe and it is expected to be approved there soon. Unfortunately politics and beauracracy here tend to slow things down to a crawl!!

I wish a letter writing campaign would work but I do not think that it would help any! Here si a link to explain how the trial process works. Sadly if a drug goes into trial it could potentially take upwards of 9 years in some cases to be apprioved! Yeah I know it bugs me to no end also!!

clcik on link to be redirected to the article;


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Why can't the FDA be optional, with drugs sold outside their approval?

So for everyone that feels safe with the FDA, they can exist and approve certain drugs that get lobbied in, and yet those who don't care for special interests can purchase drugs outside the FDA's approval.


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