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Treading Softly


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Perfect? There's going to be no living with you now! Wonderful news, only to be expected of course and we'll celebrate in Boston in a couple of weeks.

Headaches, sight issues..........have you thought of having your glasses checked?

See you soon


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Thank you all for the wonderful warm and heartfelt wishes! Like most of us here ~ who could have imagined 4 years ago that I would be here and 'visiting' with all my 'friends' today! You are all the BEST! In person friends here haven't got a clue what we're talking about.

Ya know.........I have been quite remiss with the PUB lately. So anyone interested in stopping by? I think Ry needs to celebrate a successful Walk the Walk. Some others have news to celebrate. And as always those who need to be propped up can get the much needed support too.

Hope to see many of you in the PUB this week.

Kasey (and the rest of the Management ~ Fred and Teddy)

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Kasey, what can I possibly say... that is fantastic news. 5 years..... seems like yesterday when you first cam aboard all doom and gloom. And it took one person on her to change your life. INCREDIBLE!!!!

Somebody up there likes you!! :D

:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: ( for 5 years)

May NED always be sleeping at your side. NED is one that Fred would gladly keep in your bed. :wink:

Love ya girlfriend,

Maryanne :D:lol:8):mrgreen::wink:

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Just to clalrify........guess I am in such a hurry to get to 5 years that I misled you all. I am just BEGINNING my fifth year. I was dx'd in September of '04. That makes only 4 whole years. But I do LOVE the sound of the number 5. I'll be back next year with that number for sure.

Thanks again for all the good wishes. You are all the very BEST!



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Tracy ....WTG girlfriend....6 day's after me..9/14/04..I am also quietly tiptoeing on the beginning of my 5th year...PRAISE GOD...

Love to hear the word perfect..and you are in many many way's.....Congrats for many many more healthy years for you AND Fred.....

love you guys.....nonni

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