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Swelling Feet

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I couldn't visit dad the paast few days because I had a cold, fearing he would catch it. My Grandfather ahd said my dads' feet were swollen and that the hospice was calling to get him something for it. Today I went to see him and sure enough it looked as if he had 5 pairs of socks on. :cry: I sat and rubbed his feet asking if it hurt. He said no but it feels like pins and needles. He is very confused. He asked if I heard the buckshot and i said no. He said oh its quiet now. Today was my first day back to work and no more than an hour later I lost it just thinking of my dad sitting in his bed by himself. He is supposed to come home for the weekend which I really hope he does because it would dissappoint him sooo much. He can walk with help, just very slowly. I fed him some carrot cake tonite, and got him some coffee, which he spilled. :( Sorry just needed to vent....when I type, it keeps me from crying.

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Hi Lillee. Vent away. You are going through a tough time right now and that is what this site is here for. I am sure they will find something to help your dad with his swollen feet. I too hope he is able to get home for the weekend and that it is an enjoyable one. Take care


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