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Video-- Joe B and Lindsay-- Walk the Walk


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Below is an interview that was conducted with Joe B and Lindsay his neighbor for PR for our walk. I think they both did a great job getting the word out on the need for funding. There was some nice commentary by the news people afterwards that isn't shown. The little horse Lindsay is leading was in our silent auction for a kids birthday party. it is story #2 after Flu shots:

http://abclocal.go.com/wjrt/channel?sec ... id=5755384

Our walk went wonderful today-- hopefully we'll get pictures on soon.

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Hey Ry, I'm home from the walk.

My nephews and I had lunch with Debi, her daughter and Denise (DavidA's sister) at the French Laundry in Fenton. How fortunate Debi's daughter held one of the winning tickets for the raffle!

The walk was great, the sun was out but it was far from too hot. Our path went through the woods with the fall foliage and the nip in the air that says summer is gone...

The boys and I had a great time, and seeing you and Joe again was great!

Take care,


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What a great job you did on the walk!! Your dedication is an inspiration.

It was so good to see you again, and to finally meet Snowflake after putting up with her all these years 8) was awesome!!! I can't beleive I finally met you face to face Beck!! Joe and Gina looked just like their pictures, and it was wonderful to meet them although getting Joe to get in a picture is a bit like herding kittens :shock: . And to meet DavidA's sister was very poignant- as you know, his death hit me hard, as it did so many others. I always regretted not making it to the Michigan party to meet him, and to meet his sister today and to remember him with her, brought me comfort.

Thank you again Rochelle for inviting me to partake in the walk.

Oh, and I made it home with only getting lost once. :-)

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