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Back in the hospital


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We went for my husband's second chemo yesterday but they discovered that his sugar was over 900 He has never been a diabetic....but has had such a thrist the last few days and stupid me, because he has lost thirty pounds in the last six weeks and now weights 136 pounds at six feet tall, was letting him drink tons of orange and apple juice and making him milkshakes. Anyway, they feel the steriods for the chemo are the culprit....So we are now in Yale where he will possibly have his second chemo today. They have to give him the steroids because he needs them for chemo. Looks like I will be injecting him with insulin and also the lovenox for the pulmonary embolisms. It just gets worse and worse. So hard to hold on to any hope....and wonder how we will get the calories in to maintain his weight with the diabetes. They woke us up every hour afor blood work last night....I am sleeping on a cot in his room. To think, in late August our doctor told him his back pain was sciatica. He did get to walk our beautiful daughter down the aisle two weeks ago. We are thankful for that.....

Yale has WIFI so I can stay "connected" to pass the time......Thanks for listening .

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So sorry for this latest set back. Please know you are both in my thoughts and prayers.

I can say, Jerry's blood sugar got quite high when he was on the steroids as well. He was on a pill for the sugar rather than an injection. I don't know if the pill form would be strong enough for your hubby given his high numbers or not. The med we had for him was glipizide which I believe is the generic equivalent of Glucotrol.

I don't know if that is helpful or not but I felt it was worth passing on...

Many hugs and prayers


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