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Ouch..after 4+ years


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Hi ya all....

Hope everyone if fine and well or getting better....My prayers are alway's with yu' guy's and gal's...and me too.. '-).

Got a question for you....Yesterday as I was bending down....I noticed a real sharp 'zing' around my surgery site....wasn't only bending down....was all day long...It bothered me and I thought 'what the hey'???....I just had my CT and everything was Ok so I am wondering if anyone that long out of surgery (4 years) still get's those 'zing's.....even was going across my right breast...huh???

Today it's fine...

hugs to all....nonni

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I still do, and it takes my breath away. Just yesterday, when I was bending over to put my socks on, it happened. I asked my surgeon about it and he said that since all the structures in my chest are altered now because of surgery and removal of lung tissue, that will happen. And I feel a bruiselike pain from my zings for several days.

I guess it's normal for us. (sigh)


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Since we are talking about physical changes with cancer treatment, I have a question. My onc said that my chest pains could be from scar tissue. I did not have what I consider surgery. Instead, I had a thorientisis (sp?), the procedure whereby they drain the fluid from your lungs. In my case, 2 liters which was a complete white-out in my small frame. Do you get scar tissue from that procedure? I didn't think to question until I left the appointment. Typical, huh? And what about these darn ports. I seem to get a lot of discomfort not only around the access point but I get a very sharp zing now and then in the center of my chest around the area the surgeon said the tube or whatever enters the bloodstream?

Judy in Key West

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Judy--about the never having surgery and still having scar tissue--on my initial x-ray prior to my cancer diagnosis, scarring was mentioned.

I had radiation for breast cancer that obviously affected my lung to a certain extent, and I wondered if that was the reason for the scarring.

Or, does scarring come from smoking damage? I've never asked anyone, but I also wonder how your lungs were scarred.

Maybe Dr. West would know?


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