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Dad Lost his battle


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Dad lost his battle with cancer Tuesday night. My sister and I were visiting him around 7:00. His breaths were so quick and shallow, we knew the inevitable was close. I decided to ask the nurse if she was able to give us any time frame as to how much longer it would be. She suggested calling any family members and making arrangments to be out of work......that it was going to be within 24 hours. She had told us with the passing of her mother that she held a constant bedside vigil and it wasn't until she left her that she let go. We told Dad we were leaving and that we would be back. I told him it was ok to go to sleep and he could let go if he needed to. I told him I loved him, I knew he loved me and how he was such a great father. He waited until we were gone. We were just about to walk out the door to go back because we were going to stay overnight. I guess he didn't want us to see him go. He is finally at peace. The chaplin from the hospice is going to do the service. Being that my dad wasn't a very religous person, he had confided in her during his stay there, so it just seems appropriate. He told her that he wanted to be remembered. She said that while he was there he wanted to help everyone else, thats just the way he was. The viewing is tomorrow and the funeral Saturday. The hardest part of all. I feel such a relief that he is no longer suffering, but I just feel as though a huge piece of me is missing. Who am I going to call when there's something wrong with my car, or I need a suggestion on how to cook something? These are the things that are eating me up. I could go into more detail but it would take forever. I think I may have to post here for many months to come. I can't explain enough how much everyones' replies mean to me. I miss you Dad

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thoughts and prayers for strength right now! I know how hard this is and it does get harder before it gets easier.. take care of yourselves and each other right now.

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