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John Hopkins? Georgetown?


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I wanted to ask if anyone on the board has had any experience with a doctor at either John Hopkins Hospital or Georgetown Hospital? My mom is planning a 2nd opinion for my step dads situation and I thought I would ask if anyone has been there of known someone who has and what kind of experience you had.



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Try Dr. David Schrump at NIH. He did my surgery, and Kasey's , and has been very generous about second opinions. He was voted the best in the area over Hopkins and the DC hosp. (Gtown, GW, etc) for thoracic surgery. He works with Dr. Steve Rosenberg at National Cancer Institute. His Research nurse is Tricia Kunst, or Anna (?), and they move quickly to set up an appt or arrange to see your scans.

I'll pm you his phone and his nurse's phone.

Good luck!



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