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Treatment over, but...


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Hello everyone!

It's been a long time since I posted; I hope everybody has been well.

I was going to post earlier this week, saying that my treatment for Stage IIIa NSCLC was completed (33 radiation and chemo with cisplatin and vinorelbine) and tell all about it (it went very well, considering) but I'm sure I have low red blood cells and am just so tired, racing heart sometimes, etc. and of course it's the weekend.

So my summary of my treatment will have to wait (I go back in Dec. for CAT scan to see if treatment worked) but my question is: Do low red blood cell counts get better on its own over time or do I need to go the emergency room and get a transfusion? I don't like the thought of going to emergency because of all the germs (I am also at the low white cell stage).

Anyway, how did you (anybody?) deal with low red cell counts?

Thanks for any advice,


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Hi Kelly,

My Mom got Aranesp or Procrit for her low red counts. But she really felt bad when her white count was down. Didn't make sense to me since I work in a hospital blood bank, but that is how it is.

I would ABSOLUTELY NOT go to the ER for low cell counts--unless it's critically low. At our hospital, they do transfustions at the clinic lots. Or get a direct admit from the doc and go straight to a room. But before anything, call your doctor. We got a direct admit the last time my Mom was admitted and it was wonderful. No ER, no germs etc.

Congratulations on flying through treatments! :D And I hope you feel better soon.

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20 minutes for aranesp versus 2-3 hours for transfusion. Call and ask about the Shot of Aranesp!! Quicker and will make a difference!!!

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