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Good news for 1.5 years, but..


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Hi -

We are so thankful that my mom has had good scans since she was diagnosed in spring of 2007. But last week we learned that her SCLC had metastasized to one of the adrenal glands (on left kidney) and possibly to a small spot on a rib. Liver and brain are clean, thank goodness. She begins chemo on Monday for 2 rounds with a follow-up scan to see how it's going after that.

I was wondering if anyone here has/had/knows someone with adrenal metastases. I'm curious to know what the response was for others. From what I can gather, she'll have Cisplatin and VP-16 again because it's been > 1 year since she had the combo of platinum and etoposide for the initial treatment.



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Hi I'm sorry to hear about the mets- my Mom originally had mets on her adrenal but after 1st round treatment they never showed up again. Good luck to your Mom - I'm sure this 2nd line will knock it out!!


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