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Tests....results ... and more tests. Bah Hum Bug. LOL


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Had a Pet scan and the radiologist came in and said he had good news the 10 radiation treatments had taken care of the spots on my spine; the cyberknife had eradicated the small tumor in my lung. And he then proceeds to say he wants to schedule me for a brain MRI because of something that was noted in the PET scan about a frontal lobe being altered but he said he could not be sure of anything without an MRI. I am also having some pain in my left hip and leg which I am attributing to my ruptured disk. I have an appointement for an epidural injection on the 17th and if that does not take care of the pain he wants me in for another scan of that area. Anyway they did stop the Taxotere and have me on the Avasting and Zometa every three weeks. So I am slowly regain my strength ... red blood cell count tis low but of course not low evenough that the insurance will cover a Procrit shot. Anyway I am out of here for now and hope to make it to chat in the next week or so ... but will be sure and update after the brain MRI. Now I can tell everyone to not mess with me because I have an altered frontal lobe!! ROFLMAO :wink:

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Well Muriel I'm not sure about you but I'm not messing with Judy if she has an altered anything. LOL. Judy sounds like they successful with the radiation and cyberknife. Just have to hope you get good results from the MRI.

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