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True or False getting to know you...FAMILY


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Muriel you forgot to ask a question!!! So I will just answer all of them...

~ I have my Dad's eyes-Blue!

~ I have one Daughter and one Son and a step son

~ I am not named for anyone in my family, but my kids are. Anna Ruth is named after my mom,grandma and my husbands great grandma... Anna for G.G. and Ann is my moms middle name and Ruth was my grandmas name. Russell Thomas is named after my Dad and Matt's grandpa. Russell was my Dad's name and Thomas was Matt's grandpa.

The person below me has a big family

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Although I often wondered if I was......... I am the image of my mother and have my father's personality. Or, as I used to tease them, a cruel genetic joke, a mix of all the really bad traits of both of my parents. :)

The person below me is close to their cousins. (which I am, but seems a lot of folks aren't)

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Yes I am, with alot of them, and one is actually more of a sister to me, as I dont have a sister and she does not have any siblings.

My Dad's side of the family is very close.. all of his cousins are more like aunts and uncles to me and their kids are like 1st cousins.

The person below me still has living grandparents or great grandparents ( or had know a great grandparent)

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My mom's mom was my last surviving grandparent and she passed when I was 16.

Now Jayla is a different story she has

2 maternal grandma's

1 step grandma

1 step great grandma

2 great grandma's

1 great great grandma

2 grandfathers

All still alive!!

The person below me has yearly family reunions.


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