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discontinuing Avastin due to high BP????


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My husband's BP is 145/100 even while taking 25mgs of the "hydrochloro....." whatever. The Oncologist may take him off Avastin and that has me worried greatly since that is his maintenance drug after his 4 rounds of chemo. We are going to his PCP today to see if there is anything else we can do about the high BP.

Anyone else have this problem and what did you do to get the BP under control???

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Is hydrochlorothiazide the only thing they have tried? There are a lot of BP meds to try after a diuretic. Increased BP is a common side effect with avastin and although my sister is ineligible for the drug, so we haven't had to deal with it, lots of folks on here have. I think the GP will try some other meds for high BP before giving up on the Avastin, but hopefully other folks on the board can tell you what they take. But again, a diuretic is only one way to combat high blood pressure.

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My BP went off the charts while on Avastin the first time. I am now on Norvasc and Atenolol and my BP is fine. Hydro...... he is on is a diuretic that does have some BP properties to it but its nothing like a real BP med.

Hope they try that before they take him off the Avastin. Once they put me on Norvasc and Atenolol, my BP was fine within days!!!

Good luck - Patti B.

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