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PET/CT results


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I suspected for weeks it wouldn't be good as have had pain - turns out caused by several new spots on liver. Also showed a lymph node lit up near left lung and a spot in lower left pelvis area. Getting this news was hard because up to now the cancer has stayed in the upper right lung region - for 3 years at least. So it crossed that "line in the sand" I had drawn mentally where as long as it stayed put I could live with it. Now it's wandering around in my body making it's presence known. Though I know that really it has been there for a while - just took a while to become visible in the scans. There was good news - the two spots in the right lung are smaller and there are new new areas in the lung, and the left lung is still clear. So on to Navalbine. Another day, another drug to try.

My oncologist had to start a new folder for me - I took that as a good sign. I'll be around to generate at least another 10 inches of folder, I hope!

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