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Question about Alimta


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Coni -

I did 16 cycles of Alimta and just came off because I finally had some progression on it. The major side effects are fatigue and SOB but it really was doable for me, I was out gardening all summer. No hair loss, no need for Neulasta shots, and its a really fast infusion - like 15 minutes only!!!

Good luck!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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My husband is also on it. He has had two treatments. They were not able to give him Taxol or Avastin. So this is his first chemo. He has had no nausea. He is also getting carbo platinum. He is very tired but he also has cancer everywhere and has lost a lot of weight before beginning treatment.

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I should also tell you that we had pulmonary embolisms and are also doing Lovenox, and then last week found that his blood sugar was over 900 from the steroids so am also monitoring sugar and injecting him with insulin....I have acquired a lot of new skills I wish I never had to learn!!! But the chemo seems the easiest part of everything...so if he agrees to try it, it should not be difficullt. We do notice that Jim's pain has decreased since the chemo. That is a blessing.

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Hi Coni. Best wishes to your husband with Alimta. I was on it for a short time. Most tolerate Alimta quite well but I did not. A couple of days after the infusion it basically knocked me out for 2 to 3 days. I just basically didn't feel well and slept. I ended up getting pulled off of it because I was not tolerating it well at all.

I hope he is more like most and tolerates it well but just wanted to share this with you in case he does have some side effects.


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My friend started Alitma 2 weeks ago and will have 1 treatment every three weeks for a total of 6 treatments. He has not had any side effects at all with this drug. He kept waiting for something to kick in and nothing ever did after the first week so he drove from Murrells Inlet SC to Huntington WVa to a family reunion and felt great the whole time. I think this is a wonderful drug as far as mild side effects go.

Good luck.

Gail R.

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