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Mum just finished 30 treatments of radiation, she did awesome but now 3 days after its all done sore throat is kicking in and feeling of heartburn, next chemo for Nov 10th so shes got time to relax. She looks better than she did a month ago but shes very emotional. I get great comfort from this website and peoples stories but she doesn't want to know......is this normal?? or is it a form of denial?? just curious of others experiences!

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Hi Truematch

Yes, many people experience the sore throat after radiation. Ask her doctor about "magic mouthwash", a mixture of lidocaine, benadryl and maalox that will coat and soothe her throat and make her more comfortable.

Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers..


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HI truematch. I am sorry your mom is feeling down. It is normal to go through a delayed effect from the radiation, and it's normal to not want to know about other people's cancer. I mostly come here for myself, as I have nothing else to offer my mom but my love and support. I did share stories with my mom but sparingly. I usually said things like how normal everything is she's going through. And how lucky she is to still be here fighting the fight. So many sclc patients don't get that chance. And my mom's onc was sure she could "cure" my mom. (She actually used those words). So, I would reassure her with some little anecdotes from here, and just tell her how great she is doing. This is a fight she can win. More and more people are winning it everyday. I hope you are doing well and keeping up with all your moms symptoms. Often times it's us, the daighters and sons who can see a problem coming.My mom calls me her "other doctor!". It's funny. I am glad I am good for something!!!!!

BYW. Halloween is one year since mom's first chemo. And she's doing great. Hang in there.


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Hi truematch. Good to hear your mom got through her radiation treatments. The effects of radiation can carry on for some time (that means it is working) so she may suffer from soreness for awhile. Good to hear she gets a bit of a break before chemo.

She may not want to hear positive stories but maybe just keep telling them to her anyways. It can't do any harm. Maybe eventually the hope will kick in big time. It is hard getting through this without knowing it is possible.

take good care


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Hi, I can understand how your mom feels.

I was very down at the end of radiation and from chemo 4 thru 6. The sore throat was bad bad the first few days but improved dramatically for me and I consider myself lucky on that count.

Even PCI was freaking me out a bit but now I am over a month out of that and am having many more good days than bad days.

I am getting ready to turn 42 and have just completely finished menopause!

The only things that got me through ( besides my beautiful little girl)

is my Church, my ativan and my my hydros- ( probably in that order)

My prayers and warm wishes to you and your mom!

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