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Hi All.....


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I hope all of my friends are having a wonderful day today!!! I miss jumping on every day but I can tell you that I am making a promise to be here more often!!!

So...here's a question for you???

What was your all time favorite Halloween costume???

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ANN!!!!!!! It is SO wonderful to see you! You've been missed more than you know. You must be keeping busy! I'm delighted to hear that you'll be around a little more! How are those grandbabies???? How about pics?

Now, as to halloween costumes.........my fav was of a pregnant nun. I know it's sort of unholy or something, but it was fun! My companion that year wore my uncle's tails and top hat. What a sight we were :roll: !

Now don't you dare disappear for so long again!



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OK Kasey....you twisted my arm and I'll share some pictures of the babies. Jude is now 9 months old and trying to walk. Ella will be two on November 14th. What a joy they are to my life!!!





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Hi Ann. It is good to hear from you. I have no clear recollection of what I might have dressed up as, as a child. Done plenty of dressing up as an adult though.

I have 2 sisters and we are all 1 year apart in age. I do remember that we used to wear masks when trick or treating and being dismayed that people knew who we were. I remember the comment that all of our blue eyes gave it away.

happy halloween


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Probably the freakiest time I ever had while in a Halloween costume was when Larry and I went dressed as a gravedigger and the "undead" date he dug up.

Freaky thing about it: here I was, at a Halloween Party, mind you, in white face, with silver blue and gray eyeshadow accentuating all of my wrinkles and the bags under my eyes, with a little maroon around the eyelids for effect....and a few rednecks decided that Larry must have beaten me up.

It took a few swipes of my face to convince them that the "black eyes" were really makeup, before they decided it was not necessary to take Larry out back and kick his butt.

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