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It's Chemo Time Again


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Mom saw her oncologist and her cancer is "waking up." She will begin her second course of chemo again on Tuesday.

She's pretty bummed, mostly about having to take the Neulata shots again--and losing her hair. She knew this was coming, but we were hoping to get through the holidays before starting chemo again.

She will be getting Carbo/Taxol again. I'm not sure why she is doing the same as she did before except it's been so long and she had such a good response that he wants to see if this will work again before moving to a different set of drugs.


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Susan -

I am so sorry that you and your mom have to go through this again. You both will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

I have heard of several people who have "gone Back" to a chemo they took before. As a matter of fact, they re-added Avastin to my Tarceva. Maybe you are right - if it has been a while, they feel it will work again.

Hugs to you and mom - Patti B.

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