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If things come in threes....


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My last two scans were NED so if the old adage that bad things come in threes holds for the reverse...???!!!??

I've had a number of scans the same day I had labs, an infusion and an oncology visit. After the last one, my husband said no more. He said it was way too stressful for me (sweet man) and to schedule them on two days so, my labs and scan are Monday and my infusion and onc visit on Tuesday. The downside is that I'll have to wait a whole day for the scan results. I decided that with so many of you waiting a week or more, I won't whine. I won't say I won't be stressing though.

And yes Muriel, I definitely am stressing about the conversation with Dr Tseng. But you know, she could just absolutely agree with my logic. Who am I kidding but I plan on having a long long break from Avastin with lots of NEDs along the way.

Judy in Key West

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