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Alimta and Fatigue


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My husband, with stage 1V adenocarcinoma, mets to spine, ribs, brain etc has just completed his second round of chemo...Alimta and Carbo. Lask week it was high blood sugar but we are home from hospital with sugar managed. His decadron was cut to 4 mg. per day (from 8). He is just so tired. He is only up when he eats his small meals but stays in bed or on the couch sleeping all day. Now, his weight is very low (134 pounds at 6 feet tall), he is depressed....just want to ask if this is a side effect of the Alimta and the reduced steriod (because of the sugar problem). I did do a search and see that fatigue is a side effect. He is lucid when he is awake...but ALWAYS wants to go back to bed. I know I will get some advice from the brave veterans here.....

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Hi Linda. I am sorry to hear that your husband is suffering from side effects. I definitely experienced major fatigue while I was on Alimta. It isn't all that common but it happens. A few days after the infusion I basically went down for 2 to 3 days. I would sleep and sleep and then be alert for a bit and eat, and then go back to sleep again. But then after that I felt pretty good. Hope the same holds true for your hubby.

Have an awesome weekend


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Hello Linda,

That very same fatigue (heavy) followed each and every of my husband's infusions with Alimta.

He would be very tired after about the second or third day following the infusion.

Bill would then keep to his lounge chair off and on for about three to four days before gradually regaining strength/energy.

He had almost a year's intake of that regimen, so he began to plan for the fatigue, expecting it, and realizing it wasn't permanent.

Through all of Bill's regimens (and there have been a number of them) he has eaten extra whenever there was a weight loss.

Snacks, in between protein booster drinks, and plenty of liquids (sugarless green tea or water) to keep hydrated.

He told me once (at the beginning of the treatments in 2004) that it was going to be "a job." Thinking of it in that way helped him to keep to the task of surviving.

So far, he has come through metastases to bone, brain, neck nodules, and brain.

Hope this helps.


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