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guess what was in my kitchen...


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After spending an afternoon in town, I got home, unloaded the car and sat at my desk to check caller ID. My dog was barking at something in her, "check it out, mom" voice and staring right beside the living room door. Behind the fire extinguisher was a snake :shock: Fortunately I don't pick up after myself very often and there were a pair of gloves nearby. When I picked it up, it was whipping around,for some reason that was very intimidating even though it was no longer than 2 feet long. But just a garter snake. Creepy but not harmful. I have picked up baby ones to relocate or just mess with, but this was like picking up a huge snake. Not cool. And not "Just For Fun". A short time later I took my blood pressure and it was the lowest it's been in weeks!!!!


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