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Boston Area Lung Cancer Walk/Fun Run-- 11/1/08


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Hi All-

I'm still on a break but just wanted to thank Geri and everyone on the Boston Committee for a great job well done on this years walk! So far we raised $90,000.00 dollars (and over $400,000.00 in 3 years) and still counting. Because of my health I was not able to attend meetings or play any role in this years event. I was able to attend the event and do the short walk-- it was a wonderful day and a wonderful event. We had over 400 attend and everyone had a great time! We had great speakers-- Beth from LUNGevity, our own TracyD, a doctor (sorry his name escapes me) from Mass General involved with researh with a grant from LUNGevity and my brother Rev Harry J Kaufman kicking off the walk with a prayer.

Thanks to the board I was very fortunate to meet Geri in 2006 and along with a group of wonderful (several who are board members) people we where able to start the walk which is one of the many highlights of my journey with lung cancer. Our goal is to continue to help raise money until one day lung cancer is cured.

Again my heart felt thanks to Geri and all the committee members for all their hard work!

Everyone take care,


PS: Hopefully we will have some pictures soon.

Welcome to the Boston Area Lung Cancer Walk/Fun Run!


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Thanks Rich, it was so good to see you on Saturday.

What a wonderful surprise when Richard came and told me you were there, it was good to see you my friend and quite like old times.

There's been a lot of water under the bridge in the last couple of years, healthwise we've both put lung cancer in it's place but neither of us is as healthy as we were that day in January2006 when we met for the first time.......life is so contrary!!

Anyway, everything fell into place yet again for our walk, the sun was shining , the volunteers showed up and the coffee was hot - what more do you need on a cool November morning.

Walkers one might say, well they came in droves and patiently waited for the kick off.....thanks Rich for meeting me that day and helping us to leave a legacy that will one day save lives.


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Rich and Geri and Kasey, great job. My plan for next November is to be healthy and on a plane to participate in one of these walks.

You are all awesome and Rich I 'm so happy to hear you were at least well engough to attend and see your old friends.

Judy in Key West

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