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Lung CAncer Awareness Month


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In honor of Lung Cancer Awareness month, I want to challenge all who are able to make a donation to the Lung Cancer research or support organization of your choice. The organizations I have chosen are Lungevity and GRACE. My donations were not large by any means, but if those of us who are able give even $10.00 we help the cause. A lot of little donations can make big things happen.

I know there are many on this board who sponsor walks or have other foundations, but for the rest of us this is my challenge for the month.



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Susan.....I am such a sucker for a challenge....I will be making my donation to lugevity as soon as I finish here! ALso, I am going to the UW carbone Cancer center in Madison WI on Nov 20th where the research Dr's are doing a seminar about what is new in lung cancer research! I will also make a donation to the research center!

What a great idea you had!

Come on.....who else is up to the challenge?!


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My contribution is my attempt to share the real people behind lung cancer and their stories. I am still hoping that more of you will step up and do your part.. I am so sad that so many of you have such AMAZING stories that could be so helpfuil in raising awareness and erasing some of the stigma behind this disease and are not willing to share that. :(

It only takes a minute to say YES!!!! Use the story I have posted here on LCSC!!!!!

Come on people... this is about OUR cause, not the pink that you all were so uptight about last month!


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What a great idea Susan. And Chris, I agree, there are other ways that we can all contribute in trying to fight this disease and sharing our stories is one of them.

One of the reasons that there is less support for lung cancer than for others is that there are less survivors around to share their stories. So I believe that those of us who are actually beating the odds and are well enough, have an obligation to do something. Complaining about the support for other cancers is fine, but only if we choose to do something about our own. Because quite frankly, if we don't do something, I am hard pressed to think of who will.

I know for many it is very hard to share your story publicly. I get that and struggled with that to begin with. I am actually a very private person and was worried abut what impact it would have on my children. But my burning need to spread the word about lung cancer won out. Last November and December I did radio, TV and newspaper. And my kids saw and read it all. I was worried about what impact that would have on them, but honestly, all they say is "go mom go". They are not fond of pink month either.

I am working on my story right now. It is not that hard, and in fact, is quite therapeutic. I will be sending it to Chris and will post it on the boards as well. And I have also been asked by our clinic if I would be willing to be profiled in the local paper again, so it will help with that. They looked for other volunteers (because I did it last year), but there were none to be found.

So I know it is hard enough just getting through this disease at all. And we all have our day to day struggles. But I encourage you all to do something small during this month to raise badly needed awareness and support for lung cancer. And tell us about it, let's get a chain reaction going.

It may be one small positive thing that you can do in the face of all the negatives associated with this disease. But I promise, you will feel good when you do it.

Thank you. I will get off my soapbox now!


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