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Patti B update!


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Hi everyone,

I had a call from Patti this afternoon and she is doing "ok". She is still in a lot of pain with her hip and still on the pain meds for that but has finished the radiation and is now waiting for it to work its magic and hopefully take care of the horrible pain she has.

In the meantime, her computer is down and she is hoping that it will be repaired soon. She has the guy coming to look at it tomorrow and hopes to be back online!

I told her I would post and let everyone know where she has been and how she is doing.


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I talked to Patti today too. Just wanted to say she's in my prayers that this pain gets under control. She's being such a trouper and so positive, and that's not easy to do when your in so much pain. Way to Go Patti! Praying the radiation kicks in real soon girlfriend! Hang in there. I'm wishing this pain go away for you.


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Thanks all for the good wishes and thanks to Chris and Connie for the phone calls.

I am still hurting but hoping that I am beginning to turn the corner a bit with it. The radiation onc said the pain would get worse before it got better and he sure wa sright!!! I acutally went today from watching the clock to see when my 4 hours were up to take more pain meds to being able to go 5 1/2 hours between meds. So hopefully that will continue.

I really am ticked off that my onc made me wait so long to have the bone scan once I was hurting. Plan to discuss that with him next week at my appt. Since the bone met got worse while taking the Tarceva/Avastin comb, I will be off of that and begin Navalbine next week Friday. Problem with that chemo is that its a once a week chemo...boy is that ever gonna suck. But we do what we have to do, I guess.

It was a week without my computer so I will be trying to catch up on posts. If I miss anyone's, I am sorry. You guys know I love you all and would never purposely ignore your posts.

Hugs to all - Patti B.

P.S. - hey Bruce, I did NOT take it out on the computer guy, I actually got a discount. His wife is currently battling cancer, too, so I got a "cancer" discount. Landed up he only charged me half of what he should have. Was that nice or what????

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Hey Sweetie,

So good to see your face. As I said, It just sucks that you have to go through all this pain. Wish I could wish it away and make you all better. ((((PATTI)))))

I have a feeling I'll hear your screaming at your Onc doc all the way here in MN. :wink: I don't blame you. No excuse for waiting.

Glad the pain is getting a hair better. I'll keep praying it just keeps getting better for you.

Talk to you soon.

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Welcome back. Sorry to hear the pain is still present but happy to hear there may be some lessening.

You've been gone a little so let me say I'm a little more absent these days since I'm visiting with my daughter and grandson but I'll be back in the thick by next week.

Good deal with that computer guy. As my (RN oncology nurse) daughter would say "Mom, play the C card" whenever it can help you. She's bad.

Judy in Key West

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