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Ironic twist for my step Dad....


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Here’s an ironic twist of fate. Not sure how many of you remember the nightmare we endured when my step dad was so sick and in the VA hospital in Albany. We fought tooth and nail just to get answers and a diagnosis, never mind adequate care and treatment for him. Just too sad and tragic…

Anyway, Mom and I will be going to the local Veterans Hospital to attend a special memorial service in honour of fallen veterans. While these ceremonies will be taking place all over this country as well as many others, this one is ironic and bittersweet on many levels.

For this ceremony, Mom received a special invitation from the Hospital chaplain, stating that Jerry is being recognized in a special way.

I am very grateful for Mom that her loss is being validated and that this organization is doing something to attempt to make up for their inadequacies in his treatment but how sad that it had to go this way.

Just thought I would share this…..


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Thanks guys.. Yes it will be emotional and difficult on so many levels. Mom is doing so well, finally having gotten her bearings so to speak and she has been keeping busy and not panicking if I am not right there. (A welcome relief for me!)

I think it would be so much easier to deal with this ceremony and the recognition had the entire lung cancer nightmare been dealt with more competently. However we will go and we will be grateful that the local affiliation is doing this. (Keep in mind this IS the local hospital and not the one in Albany, NY doing this.)

I will definitely post and let you know how it goes.. and thanks so much for the encouragement and compassion. This is doubly hard as my oldest son is in the military and I really hope and pray that if the time ever comes that he needs veterans services he won't be treated as lousy as Jerry was. :(

Hugs to all


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Thanks so much for the hugs and the wishes for today.

Mom and I had a good day of “bonding” I suppose you could call it. The drive to the Veterans Administration where the ceremony was being held was about an hour and a half so we had time to just visit and catch up on the way there.

We were pleasantly surprised by the turnout for the service as there were not too many empty seats. There were even fewer dry eyes in the place by the time it was over….. It was a simple remembrance ceremony but so packed full of emotion and pride as well as a good deal of pain. To have been a part of this under normal circumstances would be an awesome experience but to be a part of this, having Jerry recognized for his service to this country as well as his untimely death AND being the mother of a serviceman on top of it and knowing that deployment for my son is simply a matter of time? It was a bit overwhelming to be honest.

Mom was just amazing. She held it together until they played Taps.. We both had a tough time with that but at the end, as we were filing out of the building a man behind us tapped Mom on the shoulder and offered his condolences. He had very, very recently lost his father. He handed Mom a small American Flag and asked her to please put it on Jerry’s grave for him. That was just more than enough to start the tears….. I think this is the first time Mom has been able to grieve, I mean really and truly grieve……

Anyway, the ceremony is over. I am home and going to have a glass of wine and relax and reflect….

Thanks again to those of you who thought of Mom and I today…


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I lose it too everytime I hear TAPS too. ((((CHRIS & MOM)))) I'm so glad it all went so well for you both today. It sounds like a very touching time. This will be a warm hearted moment you both will never forget.

I'm sure Jerry was proud of the ceremony. And I'm sure you and your mother were very proud of Jerry.

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