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Low Protein Question


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My dad has severe swelling possibly due to the chemo he is on. He is on diretics for it, but its not helping much. His protein levels also came up low? Has anyone experienced this? What did you do to raise theprotein levels? Is it dangerous? Are there any meds?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Palves. I don't have answers on the protein. But the swelling could definitely be caused by chemo drugs. I had some significant swelling in my ankles, I think from gemzar, and was described a "water pill" (not sure what the medical term was for the prescription) to lessen the swelling. And it worked. So that may be something to look into. Please look into it though as the swelling can be very painful. Take care


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I think that what you may be concerned with is leading to cachexia. This may be a better question for Dr West at http://cancergrace.org/. It sounds like this articlle may help you out with some info if I am understanding your question correctly! Hope this helps some!

http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articl ... id=1773821

Now as i recall from increased fluids which results in swelling, Albumin which is a basic protein I.E. Egg whites, is a natural diuretic which when administered by I.V. can reduce swelling from excess liquids. Deb was in hospital and was given Albumin for release of excess fluids caused by administering too much IV solution to fast and causing swelling and weight gain of liquids mainly the IV fluid! when given albumin, A protein found in egg whites, she Urinated most fluids out!! Thats my experience with protein and fluids. I had to remember and thats why I did not get back to ya earlier!

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