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Where is Norme???


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I know someone said that she had mentioned that she may off the board for a month, but hasn't it been longer?? Does anyone know how she and Buddy are doing?? Anyone have her phone number?? :(

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I don't have Norme's number. She came to Wednesay's chat last week briefly and said they were not able to get all of Buddy's cancer. It was not a new primary but lung cancer that had traveled to the colon. She was exhausted from being at the hospital for the last week. Not the best news.

Hopefully she will come back again on Wed. and update us.

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Ry, thanks for letting us all know about Buddy and Norme, I too have worried about them!! I'm so sorry to hear about Buddys cancer and them not being able to get it all... My Prayers are with you "Norme and Buddy" if you read this, just know I'm thinking about you and praying for you too!!

Oh how I hate this disease!! and what it does to everyone that has it and to everyone that loves someone that has lc...

Prayers to us all!!


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Norme and Buddy,

You two very special people are in my daily prayers. I do hope that you are able to post soon and let us all know how you are doing. It is so hard I know. If I could give you my strength, my faith, my "power" to make all well, I would in a heartbeat. Just know I care.

Much Love,


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Here I am. Have been trying to catch up on all the home chores and keeping Buddy company. He has really had a hard time. After the operation he had a touch of pneumonia and now he is trying to recover from the operation and it is very slow. He is still on oxygen which I think helps him rest better. He is trying to get off of it.

After staying in the hospital all those days and nights I am just now starting to feel like myself again (and sometimes that is trouble in the making). Thanks for thinking about us for there is not a day that didn't go by that you all weren't on my mind and in my prayers....will try and remember tomorrow night's chat.....if my brain is working.....

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