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an Intersting trial for a vaccine!!


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here is link for full article with a brief overview of this trial!!

http://www.news8austin.com/content/head ... 20&SecID=2

How promising is it for you, as someone who spends a lot of your time dealing with lung cancer, to see new drugs?

Bazhenova: This question is kind of a double-sided question. Of course, every time I see the new drug coming in the market for lung cancer, I get very excited. However, there are so many drugs that have been tested in lung cancer and a lot of them unfortunately fail. So every time we see a new drug in testing, we all hope that this is going to be the next one -- the next treatment that gets approved or the next drug that is going to push the cure or survival up just a little bit. As with any new treatments I will get more excited once I have the final results. Certainly, for this vaccine, the preliminary results -- the results of a phase II clinical trial -- are very encouraging; basically, doubling your chance of being alive two years from the time of the diagnosis with stage IV disease, which are very unexpected results I would say. If you look at the older drugs that have been tested in lung cancer, I do not recall any that had such a significant improvement in survival when tested in a phase II clinical trials. That is why I think this vaccine has a little bit more hope and maybe a little bit more promise than other drugs that I have seen come and go.

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