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The scoop on Navalbine Please

Patti B

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Hi everyone-

I begin next week on weekly infusions of Navalbine. The Tarceva alone did not work and once they combined it with Avastin, my bone met got worse so they have decided to scrub that whole idea.

The doc told me Navalbine was a pretty easy chemo to tolerate. All I really know about it is that it is a weekly chemo (UGH) and that supposedly I will NOT lose my hair again.

If anyone has had experience with this chemo, could they please fill me in on it??? How well tolerated was it and did you lose hair or not??? Lots of side effects????

Thanks everyone - love you all!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Patti all I can share with you is that a few of my IN Person LC Support Group members were on it and said it was not harsh and didn't have hardly any side effects. Sorry that's all I can offer.


Your in my prayers daily. Who know's this might even be the magic bullet! :wink::D

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For what its worth, Deb was on gemzar Navy bean for her very first round of chemo along with the usual side meds! She did have great results with this combo. She did have a normal apetite/ No major earth shattering side effects or HAir loss! Hope this helps!!!! hugs and Prayers Randy in NC!!!!!!! :wink:

Navy bean is the nickname for navelbine if you are wondering!!!!

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Patti - I had my first infusion of Navelbine 2 weeks ago, had my second This Tuesday. It's supposed to be weekly but I developed complications due to severe constipation and was in the hospital overnight last week. Constipation is a side effect of Navelbine, so watch yourself very carefully. My first infusion I also had moderate jaw pain for a day or two and a couple of days of my tongue fuzzy and sensitive. "Magic mouth wash" took care of the tongue and jaw pain wasn't that bad.

This time I think I'll do a lot better. The jaw pain is much less and the tongue not a problem this time with the mouth wash. Am taking both Milk of Magnesia and stool softener tabs (one thing about having cancer - you get into topics you wouldn't normally even discuss with your own mother!). Navelbine is supposed to be easier in general. Just stay on top of any side effects! Here's hoping it works for both of us!


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