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Sharing message about Pat Kitt husband

Connie B

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Bette from Texas Wrote to LCA member:

I talked with Pat's husband, Tim, this morning. I told him how Pat had inspired me and many others at this site and the LUNGivity Site. He is continuing her wishes to promote lung cancer awareness and funds raising for lung cancer. He will continue to moderater her website and will post updates here and other lung cancer sites.

God bless you, Tim.



I thought it was worth sharing this message regarding Pat Kitt who just lost her battle to lung cancer. LUNGevity is mentioned on her website as well.

God bless her husband Tim for continuing to fight on behalf of lung cancer.

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Thank you so much for sharing this. Although I did not know Pat, my heart aches for this loss and for her family and friends. My thoughts and prayers are with Tim and the rest of the family at this very difficult time. What an inspirational gesture on his part to continue the work that was so important to Pat.


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