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I've finally taken some action


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I will be leaving here tomorrow as I said in my other post. I want to thank all of you for your prayers. I want to thank all of you too for your sugestions about my need to see that Johnny gets justice.

I have gone through all of the proper chanels and nothing ever came of it. I have decided to make me more effort and leave it go for a while. I am not giving up just taking time to get myself over some of the changes in my life and get my emotions more in hand. I have written a letter to the newspaper in Olympia. I'm not sure if they will do anything with it but I have sent them a lot of information. I sent copies of my complaints and the denials that I got. I also sent copies of the letters that I wrote in response to their denials with information to show why they are wrong. I have obtained copies of claims filed against the one docter that were dismissed and also the citations against the nursing home. All of that information I sent to them. I am hoping they will use it. If not I will try someone else later.

For now I have to give it a rest. I will continue to tell people what happened and warn them about the things that I saw. I don't want anyone else to be as trusting and gulable as I was. It is just too dangerous.

Thanks for your good wishes and prayers as well as your kind words. I will be off line for about a week. Can't wait to get back and hear how all of you are doing. Bless all of you and keep up the good work and positive attitude. Lillian

Letter that I sent to the Olympian

Dear Editors

I am sending you some information. It is all public record but unfortunately the public seldom gets to see it. There are papers on a claim that I filed to the medical board. There are the papers I filed, their replys and my additional information. There are also letters telling them with information to back me up of why their decision was wrong. Dealing with them leaves me angry and frustrated. The system failed a very good man and I witnessed it. Encluded in the papers are copies of reports that I got concerning one of the doctors. I searched and found a way to get them from the department of public disclosure. You will notice that all claims were refused. I find that very suspecious especially sense I saw his behavior with my own eyes. I think that any one who really stops and thinks will realize that no one will put themselves through the red tape and emotional trauma that filing a claim intails without just cause. There are also papers for citations that were handed out to the nursing home in question. Reading those should make you ask why were those claims acted upon on but not mine when they are about the same thing and during the same time period.

I don't know if you will do anything with this. I just know that what happened to John was wrong and that treating it like it does not matter leaves the door open for it to continue to happen time and time again. Don't you think it is time to put "human" back into humanity? Older people and cancer patients are more than likely to be twice as vulnerable than children but they have few who will stand up for them and their rights. It is a sad mark on our society. Please consider these things. The information is here and I am sure this is only a small portion of what happens everyday of the year.

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