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Second Time Around


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I am brand new to this site, but am so glad I found it.

In 1998, at age 50, I was diagnosed with nsclc, stage 11a. At that time it did not show up on an x-ray or CT scan, but was found during a bronchoscopy. It is worth noting that I had been complaining for several months to my family doctor that I felt something was wrong. He sent me for a couple of x-rays, and then told me he didn't want to hear anymore about it and there was nothing wrong with me that quitting smoking would not cure. He would not refer me to a pulmonary specialist. I finally switched doctors, and found one who would refer me. Within 2 weeks I was in surgery and had my left lung removed. No lumph node involvement. I was told I was Stage 11a because of the location of the cancer. I wondered about follow-up chemo or radiation, but was told it was not recommended. No further treatment other than a yearly chest x-ray for the first 5 years.

I live in a small valley, and we have had a lot of smoke this past summer from local wildfires and the fires in California. I had been having trouble breathing (more than usual), and decided to see the pulmonary doctor. Took almost 8 weeks to get in. Had a chest x-ray, which showed a spot. CT scan confirmed two tumors in remaining lung. Finally have a PET scan scheduled for next week (getting that scheduled has been an experience in itself) and then will have a needle biopsy. Surgery is not an option this time.

At this point I am not sure where this is all going to lead, and am more concerned for my family than myself. Initially I was feeling pretty hopeless, but after reading many of the posts I am feeling much more hopeful and positive.

I just want to thank all those who shared their stories. You are all amazing and I hope I can do as well.


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Hello Diane, and welcome to the group that none of us wish to be apart of. But like you, we are all very glad to have one another.

I understand the issue of being concerned about your family. I think all of us LC survivors go through that. This is when we learn how to take "baby steps" again in our lives. If you haven't seen Randy Pausch's last lecture on Utube I suggest you go see it. It's very helpful and inspiring.

I too am a one lunger and I am dealing with a 1.6 c 1.2 cm mass in my left lung. Not sure what it is and can't do a biopsy because it's to risky. They are afraid they might collapse my lung. And I'm not a candidate for chemo because of my heart issues. I could get it radiated but for now we're just going to do another CT scan in 4 months. So, your story sounds a lot like mine! Mine went from 7mm to 1.6 x.1.2 cm, so it's is concerning. So, I totally understand where your coming from.

I hope you'll stick with us and let us walk the walk with you. It makes the walk a little easier having someone walk with you.

Hang on, it's a bumpy ride, but we'll hep you through those rough spots.

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Hello Diane and welcome to LCSC.

I am SO sorry you had reason to find a site such as this but I am glad you have joined us!

Please keep us in the loop with you and let us know how we can be of help to you. There is always someone here who can offer advice and information as well as lend an ear or a shoulder when you need it.

Sending you many hugs


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Diane, Welcome aboard. I know how hard it is but you'll get through it. There are a lot of amazing survivors here on the site. Let us support you. I've said so many times I couldn't count them that I don't know how I would have gotten through this past year without them. And by the way, I am a IIIB or IVA (by the new staging system) that has had no visible evidence of disease since April 1.

Reach deep down in yourself and you will find a strength you never knew you had.

Judy in Key West

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Hi Diane and welcome. I can not imagine how it must have felt to hear of your reoccurence after 10 years. I am so sorry. It does sound though that you have gotten over the initial blow and are ready to fight. Getting the needed tests etc. and on to a treatment plan can indeed be very very frustrating. I hope that process starts to speed up for you. I totally get your concern for your family. That is whom I worry about the most in all of this. Stay strong and positive and please keep us posted. There are many kind knowledegable people here who get it and will answer any questions you have. I have found this site to be extremely helpful in my journey. Please take care


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Hi Diane. Welcome to our group. I think we can provide lots of support to you. I'm sorry the cancer has returned - not something you'd expect after 10 years. Is it possible that this is a new primary cancer? It sounds as though your environment isn't the best for healthy lungs (or in your case, lung).

I had a recurrence after 18 months and it was devastating, although I knew it could happen - even though I had chemo after my surgery for a stage Ib tumor. BTW, back in 1998, I don't think anyone was suggesting surgery in a situation like yours.

Please keep posting about how you're doing.


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Hi, Diane, welcome to the group. I hope things start to move faster for you now, and that you get the PET and biopsy results quickly so you can start chemo and/or radiation if cancer is confirmed. If you get scheduled for chemo, give us the names of the specific drugs so we can give you some help with side effects. Best wishes and Aloha,


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Welcome Diane. I was diagnosed 12/3/97 at the age of 50. I started with chemo and radiation. When surgery was able to be done they told me it was all dead scar tissue. If it turns out it is cancer ( by biopsy) I wish you the same results-dead scar tissue! Keep us posted.

Donna G

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Hello and welcome Diane,

I have a nodule in my left lung that did not light up on the PET before I had chemo and radiation treatment, but did light up after my treatment was completed. My surgeon would not do surgery until I had a biopsy to confirm that it was or was not cancer. It turned out to be scar tissue. I hope and pray the same results for you.


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