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End of life legal suggestions..


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End Of Life Legal Suggestions

These are so important to take into consideration...

*Filling out a healthcare proxy also known as a living will. This is a document that gives authorization to a designated person to make health care decisions on behalf of the patient in the event that he or she is not able to do so on their own.

*A Do Not Resuscitate order. This is an advanced directive that patients may make to forego CPR or other resuscitative efforts in the event that the heart stops beating or breathing stops. This may be written by a doctor after discussing the issue with the patient or his/her healthcare proxy and/or family.

*Power Of Attorney. This is a written document that authorizes a person to act as another’s agent or attorney. This may be for a definite or specific act or it may be general in nature. The terms of the written POA may specify when it will expire. If not specified, the POA usually expires when the person granting it dies.

*A will is document by which a person designates dispersion of his/her property/possessions after their death.

None of these other suggestions take the place of filing a last will and testament.

For a great resource on these documents and other excellent information, visit the Lance Armstrong Foundation page (www.livestrong.org)

Check out the free Survivorship note book as well as the downloadable worksheets under the “cancer support” tab.

~~Please note that the legal issues discussed and outlined here are based on information and laws in the United States. Regulations and laws may vary according to location

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