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Let's Take a Virtual trip !!!


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Lots of drama going on at the MB today.. thought a trip would be a good escape.

We're plopping this yacht down in the Mississipi right by the St. Louis arch and heading south.


Officer..er..Captain Andy will be at the helm.


There's room for everybody! What are you bringing? We need food, drinks, dance music...

Anybody starts any trouble and they're overboard.

Who's coming?

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I never miss a trip, so I'll be there. I hope Randy joins us, as he is the one who knows what everyone likes to drink and how to mix some of their strange choices. I'll bring beer - Beck's and nachos. How long is this trip? How much beer should I bring? I'm second in line to spend time with Officer Andy.

We may have one problem. When Patti B goes on these trips she always wants to drive. Gotta steer her away from piloting the yacht.


I'll bring the spinach dip from the web site Denise told us about.

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Well I do love to travel so count me in. I will bring what I usually bring on a trip.....way too much! I will for sure though be supplementing Judy's red wine supply.

I'll tell you what we need on this trip though...some more men! Captain Andy will not be able to keep up with all of us!

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