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OOOh Patti B!!!!


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Happy Birthday Patti!!

Lots of love and hugs, oh and a nose tweek, too LOL

Chris xxx

*****Just a heads up.. I did speak with Patti last night and she is STILL in a lot of pain. She was to start a different pain killer/steroid combination last night and was very anxious about whether it would be enough.... Just wanted to let you all know in case she is not up to posting.....

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Hi All-

Love you guys!!!! I was having a pretty rotten birthday but all these well wishes have really cheered me up!!! I am on new meds and hoping and hoping they work. They decided to put me on a steroid which they originally didn't want to do because of my coumadin but now have decided they will just have to adjust the coumadin. So...maybe.......

Muriel - how old am I? lets see, on chat it shows my age as 21 so I will have to change it to 22. LOVE being the young one....LOL!!!!

Thanks again everyone!!! You all are the best!!!

Hugs - Patti

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