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Now Faith has the Flu

Guest Karen C

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Guest Karen C

Yep, our little darling has THE FLU. Ugh. She's at my folks' house, I took her to the pediatrician this morning and he confirmed it.

Dave has an oncologist appt. this afternoon to discuss his PET scan and heart tests, will ask him about Dave being around Faith.

Funny thing is, although I have spent half of the night, the last four nights, with Faith in my lap in the recliner, I don't have that stressed out, burned out feeling of fatigue. Just a little sleepy, that's all. And Dave is doing what he can to help out. I think my big blow up last week may have cleared the air a little.

Just hope he doesn't catch the flu from her, the pediatrician said the flu that's been going around in the western states was a "cousin" of the strain in the flu shot, and they're not sure if that's the strain that is now hitting us in Virginia. We both got the flu shot, but it may not help if that's the case. I would say if he hasn't gotten it by now (she's been feeling poorly since Friday night) he probably won't, but she and I may have to move out to my folks' house or he may have to find a motel.

Fortunately, my new cleaning lady starts TODAY, so we all get to go home to a nice clean house!

Thanks for listening, guys! :roll:

God Bless,

Karen C.

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I am so sorry that Faith has the flu.

But I am so glad that the air is cleared and that your cleaning person is starting. Hip hip hooray.

I yelled at Earl last night. I got out the hot mayo he usually likes and he said no, I want the regular mayo. Well hello, does the word please mean anything.


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Sorry to hear about Faith's bugs, BUT glad that you are coping well with recliner sleeping (must be that warmth in your lap and your heart that lets you relax).

Flu's nasty, hubby came down with it about 2:00 this morning...and per my doctor's appointment today, I'm to call their office with ANY symptoms. They aren't giving a "guarantee" on the shot and will start me on anti-virals upon symptoms: high fever (104); body aches - joints, bones, skin, hair; tummy issues... Gee, sounds like so much fun...

Hope the little one is almost over her cooties!


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Karen, so sorry to hear about Faith having the flu, it is so hard to watch our little ones when they are not well. Glad you found out what has been making her so clingy, and it is being taken care of. Keep us posted, and know that you're in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, Deb

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Guest Karen C

Hey Ginny - know what you mean about the word please. it wasn't a very regular word in Dave's vocabulary before diagnoses and he hasn't learned to use it lately, either. Part of my blow up last week. Can you at least say please or THANK YOU instead of snapping at me - ha!

Oncologist gave Dave a prescription for some antiviral thing, but said if neither of us had gotten it by now we probably wouldn't. So far, so good, and Faith's fever broke after leaving the pediatrician yesterday and hasn't returned. Another sleepless night in the recliner starting at 1:30 am, mostly because of her coughing. And yes, Becky - I think it was the warmth in my heart and my lap, ha! Especially with that fever, she was like a little furnace!

Oncologist also seems very happy with how Dave's doing. Can't say for sure the cancer is completely gone because something shows up on the scans in his lung, but he thinks it's scar tissue. will follow it with every other month CT scans to see. Yipee! Things are looking at up Chapman Acres!

House was clean - my new friend even cleaned the windows and doors - wants to do the outsides next time! I LOVE HER.

See you guys later,


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Hi Karen,

That nasty Flu is hitting us hard here in Texas. My work has me counseling kids at schools and am suprised that I have not encountered it yet. I did get the shot though, and it may offer some protection. Hope the wee lass is back on her feet soon! Send that wonderful cleaning person to my house, would ya?


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