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I'm thankful for...


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I remember those 5's. But I think today I'll stick with this one. It is going to sound pretty odd. I am thankful for a McNasty first husband. It it weren't for him, I would have never come to this city~ thus never would have met Mr. Wonderful I am the luckiest woman because of it.


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I am thankful there are still selfless people in the world (like the ten who posted before me). I've been around for the fives:

1. My daughter, she truly is my everything now. She knew she had to step up to the plate and she's done so well.

2. My job. I really enjoy it. Although I help the homeless and the underserved, funds are tight but warm fuzzies abound.

3. My warm house. So many are without one.

4. My friends who are constantly trying to intervene and get me back into the world. Most of my friends are from High School and they understand what my Dad meant to me.

5. Katie, you continue to inspire me despite your tremendous losses. You hold your head high, continue to contribute to our cause while I wallow in my loss and couldn't participate in Rochelle's (another true inspiration) walk. I'm trying to live by your example as difficult as it is. Hopefully next year I can help more..

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I remember when Leslie took off with the fives after one post I made....and I think it was the high point of her day many times. I miss her...

1. My family

2. Warm house

3. Food in my belly

4. Friends

5. The "girls" - Cookie, Luna and Sami

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I'm on the site everyday HOW DID I MISS THIS! For a minute I was going to welcome Sandra home (she posted the 19th).

I'm going to start with one since I've promised to try the Fives beginning in the morning.

No contest--my remission.

Judy in Key West

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