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helping those with scanxiety...


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I SO agree with Sandra. It's no use to tell anyone not to worry because there is nothing one can do about it. We already know that. But being able to express our fears here among those who truly GET IT helps more than anything else I could ever think of.


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Listen to the person vent. It feels good to share fears with those who understand.

My pet peeve is when someone says they "KNOW" or "ARE SURE" it will be ok. HOW DO THEY KNOW?????????????? And if they DO know, please tell me the lottery numbers too :)

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Say it out loud: "I'm really scared, I'm really worried, I'm really anxious," etc., whatever feeling I'm registering. Saying it to my husband helps. He usually says some variation of "sure you are, who wouldn't be." And the people on this site. Those who have been there or watched loved ones go through this are invaluable supports at those times.

Judy in Key West

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