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I play no musical instrument, so ONE TIME I decided to take flute lessons from our instrumental teacher at school. I was a sixth grade teacher for MANY years. Anyhow, after just aa FEW lessons he thought I could play at the school holiday concert. There were over 500 people there ~ students, faculty, administrators, PARENTS. My friend played the piano intro for me and then...................I blew, but NOTHING came out. We did that 3 different times. I never did get to play the song. Now here is where kids can be so great. Afterwards the kids all told me how'good' I was with so few lessons. They pointed out how nervous I was with my fingers shaking and my curls shaking too!!!!! I got a letter from the head administrator who told me in so many words it was wonderful that kids could see teachers couldn't do everything and that ~ well ~ I basically made a fool of myself. Never touched that flute again!


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Gosh...there's so many.

One time, just after Easter, I was running home from school. It was during the spring thaw. I was wearing a beautiful green cape my parents bought me as a part of my Easter outfit. It had rained that day, so I was carrying my umbrella. Well, I tripped on the closed umbrella and fell face first into a great big mud puddle.

I got up, looked at my beautiful, ruined green cape and started to cry. I continued on home, but with each step I took, the tears subsided and I started to laugh. By the time I got home, I could hardly breathe, I was laughing so hard.

My mom, who saw the whole thing from the window, helped me get undressed and into the tub between guffaws. And then we had cake.

As I remember it, she got the mud out of the cape and I never again ran with an umbrella. And I had cake. I like cake.

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